For what is a god, but a being that is worshipped by those beneath?

They were the last of their race. The final four of the oldest beings in the Universe. Originally the Leaders of the Three great nations of the planet known as Sliph, They were the greatest of allies. With some of most advanced technology at the time the set out to explore the planets that inhabited their solar system. They found four planets rich with valuable resources to be collected and the Golden Age of the planet Sliph began.

During this period the Four enhanced their bodies through the use of technology. It was said that they could control the elements, control your every action as if you were no more than a play thing, whisper a single word and kill you in an instant, manipulate the dimensions and planes and walk through them, or even reach into your mind and pull to the surface your most primal desires. It was then that their people began to view them as their gods and started to worship them. At first they thought nothing of it, but if you are told something enough you begin to believe it.

Jobaduur saw himself as the God of Justice and War. While his wife Valea was the Goddess of Lust. Jinken became the God of Death. And Myradence became the God of Wrath and Peace. Madness and the lust for power began to corrupt them.

Together they ruled their world for tens of thousands of years while their people harvested the planets around them. The resources were used for many things ranging from better understanding the universe around them to better understanding their physiology to constructing fearsome and terrible machines that could crack open a planet for its resources fueling the empire. Eventually there were no more planets left in the night sky, and the population of the world grew restless.

The great and generous leaders were now a mere shell of what they once were. These shells merely held together by the most primal of desires. With no more planets left to harvest there was only the ground beneath their feet. The Great War was inevitable. With Wrath and Death joining their forces to take a stand against Justice and Lust and a line was drawn. Justice was the first to attack while his wife watched and continued to fulfill her primal lusts and desires. Justice thought that with the largest army his forces would trample over the competition. This however was not the case. For the army of Death’s Wrath was a formidable force that rivaled that of Justice’s.

For Years the fighting continued on the ground and in the sky, neither side giving in. Chaos had consumed the planet as a whole. The Line of Conflict now stretched around the world splitting it in half, never shifting more than a few miles in either direction. For over one hundred years the Great War raged. With the war lasting so long the resources of the planet began to dwindle. There would be nothing left for the victor.

Each God had taken to the throne of the four ships of Harvesting and watched the chaos below. When it was clear to both sides that the conflict would never end the Madness had completely taken hold. The ships were turned inwards to the planet below and descended to a lower orbit.

It was then the fighting stopped. The soldiers looked up and saw the starships fill the sky. A great and terrible light filled the air and blinded those beneath. Countryside to Capitols all dissolved in an instant. The fearsome machines were designed to break the bonds holding atoms together, absorb the atoms from orbit, and reassemble the minerals in their raw form. An entire world ceased to be.

The Machines began to detect an anomaly in the resources they were absorbing. They had never broken down a living creature before, and there was something different. There was a powerful secondary form of energy between the atoms. Being they were machines, they didn’t understand the concept of a soul. The machines communicated with each other to determine the best way to contain this energy. It was determined that the only way to store the energy was to capture it within a flawless gemstone shaped into a Perfect Icosahedron. The ships crafted the gems that appealed to each leader.

A Black Sapphire as clear as midnight was crafted to harness the souls for the God of Death. An Amethyst as vibrant and dark as the richest wine was crafted for the Goddess of Lust. A Piercing Emerald that sparkled like starlight was crafted for the God of Justice and War. And finally a Ruby with the fury and tranquility that only fire can achieve was crafted for the God of Wrath and Peace. The souls were transferred into the gems and the Jewels began to emit an ethereal glow.

The Jewels were presented to the last four of the oldest race. Each God stared in wonder at the Jewels for they were the most beautiful things in all of existence. Wrath was the First to take ahold of his gem and instantly the Ruby reacted to his touch. Death was the Second God to touch his gem and it reacted to his touch as well.

Instantly their bodies began to change, their minds were cleansed of the madness that once afflicted them. The souls of the planet ran through their entire bodies changing what once flesh into a new form of energy. Living energy. Living Energy Beings. A forced Ascension. Their understanding of the Universe increased exponentially along with their powers and abilities they had acquired throughout their physical existence.

Wrath and Death were certain that once Justice and Lust Ascended they would attempt to abuse their newly found powers. Wrath acted first and sent a small piece of himself into the two remaining gems in the hopes that he would be able to influence them to return to the way they were before the madness overtook them. Justice and Lust grasped their gems and Ascended. Like the two before them, with their new forms came a sense of clarity that was lost ages ago.
Each Ascended Being matched the color of the gem they touched and a closer inspection would reveal the Jewels at their very core. Each was able to essentially mold their image into what they wanted. Lust was the first to pick her form, choosing that of a naked woman wrapped in chains all over her body and hanging loose around her wrists and ankles. Justice and War chose the form of a knight in detailed plate armor with a halberd in his right hand and a shielded left bracer. Wrath and Peace took the form of a muscular fight with inscriptions across his body, red tattered pants, a broken manacle on his right wrist, hardened leather gloves, and an ornate double edged sword at his hip. Death was slow to decide, manipulating his form several times until he was satisfied. Clad in black cloth, straps across his body, a hood covering his face, and the form of an ethereal cloak that when it wrapped around him he vanished, with the only indication of his form being a midnight blue aura.

The Gods gathered in the dark space that was once the planet and wept for their madness had consumed them and the planet. For Wrath it wasn’t the end. It was the chance to start fresh. When a fire burns down a forest it is never long before the hints of green are pushing through the ash. Wrath soared towards the sun and began to manipulate the giant ball of light. The star dust exploded outward as Wrath shrunk the star down to two-thirds of its original size. That being done he collected the stardust and ignited it into a second star creating a binary system. From that point on the stars danced across the sky.

Satisfied with his work he returned to the others. His work was not done though. His thoughts turned to the ships and he began to manipulate the matter they held and called it forth. Save for the bridges of each ship, they burst apart and began to form a great ball of earth and metal larger than the original plant Sliph. Wrath launched the giant rock down well towards the star and froze it in a close orbit, melting the stone and metal. It began to glow red and He pulled it back towards the group. Wrath began to spin the planet providing gravity condensing the heavier metals to the core. As he did this he also pulled enough molten rock and metal from the planet to create four moons. As the planet cooled, oceans began to form. The entire process that should have taken millions of years took mere hours.

The world was completed and life was given a new chance and Wrath gave life to the world.

The World of Emer

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